What drives us

WACKER, as an innovative chemical company, makes a vital contribution to improving the quality of life around the world. We strive for a better future.

But you don’t shape the future by accepting things as they are – it is by questioning things and acting accordingly that we have become a technology leader in the chemical industry. That is why we can look back at more than 100 years of success; offering our customers added value and growing sustainably.

In today’s world, digitalization offers immense potential. That’s why we have launched the WACKER Digital program. To seize the initiative and forge our own path into the digital future.

Digitalization presents enormous opportunities for us. But with great opportunities come great challenges. Challenges we want to master together.

And that means all WACKER employees. After all, digitalization is not solely the responsibility of management. Mastering digital change calls upon the knowledge, motivation and creative spirit of every single person in the company.

We don’t yet know how digitalization will change our working world. But we are striving together to find the answers, driving change and seizing the opportunities.

Taking chances together.

„For us, digitalization means developing our existing, highly successful business model even further.”
Dr. Christian Hartel, Executive Board Wacker Chemie AG
„Digitalization does not belong to a distant future – many digital technologies can already be used to add value to our products and processes today.”
Dr. Tobias Ohler, Executive Board Wacker Chemie AG

WACKER Digital – the program

WACKER Digital is pushing ahead with the digitalization of the company. The program provides a framework for new and existing digital projects within the Group. Our goal is to actively embrace the opportunities offered by digitalization to take a leading role in the chemical industry.

What does that actually mean? Along our entire value-creation chain, digitalization is enabling previously unimaginable connectivity, from suppliers to logistics, research and production, right through to customers. We want to harness the data generated in this process: from efficiency gains in production through intelligent sensor technology to virtual simulations in research and product development to new digital business models.

This requires us to utilize the expertise of every single WACKER employee. After all, it’s in our day-to-day work that we can unlock this potential: that’s where the ideas we want to implement are born and where we realize the concept often so abstractly and inaccessibly described as “digitalization”.

That’s why WACKER Digital is not a program by managers for managers. It’s our joint project.


We always focus on the customer. That’s why we are providing our customers with an industry-leading digital experience through improved customer interfaces, new business models, and innovation leadership.


Our key concern is the digitalization of production, logistics, research and development, with our main goal being to optimize processes for more efficient production, more effective equipment and higher safety.


For digitalization to be successful, we need to lay the right foundations: from the development of a functioning and future-oriented IT infrastructure to digital collaboration and employee development.

Above all, digitalization is an opportunity for us to, once again, lead the way in our industry and put WACKER in the forefront
Dirk Ramhorst, CIO / Chief Digital Officer Foundation
Digitalization plays a huge role in productivity, security, quality and customer satisfaction
Jörg Krey, Chief Digital Officer Operations
We want to be the first choice for our customers, suppliers and employees - also when it comes to digital processes and products.
Axel Schmidt, Chief Digital Officer Frontend

WACKER Digital
Silicon Valley Challenge

Digitalization is changing our everyday lives and working environment. It’s not just about new technologies, but also about new working methods, ways of thinking and, above all, new business models. And it is precisely this potential that we want to exploit – with the Silicon Valley Challenge!


We are sending 19 WACKER employees to spend four weeks in Silicon Valley. In workshops and seminars, they will get to know agile methods, immerse in the local start-up scene and deal with new business models.

Back home, they will present their findings and, crucially, business idea, to WACKER’s Executive Board and the CDOs.


Over more than 100 years of history, WACKER has continued to develop and actively promote new technologies and ideas. Silicon Valley, as a unique interface between business and science, offers an inspiring environment to nurture this spirit. And it is precisely this potential that we want to exploit!

October 15 – November 11, 2018 Application phase
End of November 2018 Selection of candidates
December 2018 Nomination of candidates
January 2019 Preparation phase
February 20 – March 20, 2019 Stay in Silicon Valley
March 21, 2019 Pitch Day
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Check out the candidates
for Silicon Valley

„This is a unique opportunity to take part in WACKER's journey into a new digital world, think beyond boundaries and actively shape our future.”
Alexander, Germany
„Embracing technology and innovation is essential for evolution in a dynamic business environment.”
Gregory, USA
„Digitization cannot be tackled by individuals – creative and passionate teams are needed to develop new business models.”
Sebastian, Germany
„We are so proud to be a part of a project where we can pass down this experience and knowledge to our customers.”
Thao, Singapore
„For me, Silicon Valley Challenge means a great opportunity to develop creative solutions together and support digital transformation at WACKER.”
Viktoria, Germany
„Digitalization enables an organization to go faster from idea to implementation and embrace new opportunities more quickly.”
Olivia, Germany
„I’m bringing with me a willingness to take bold steps and assume personal risks in the pursuit of new business ventures.”
Rachelle, USA
"I believe that changing perspectives and the willingness to go beyond the status quo are keys to future success in a quickly changing world – and the Silicon Valley Challenge provides an excellent occasion for this."
Frauke, Germany
"Absorb everything, challenge everything, and take the risks needed to go forward."
Seung-A, Korea
"Over the last years, our world and the speed of business kept accelerating. By embracing and utilizing the digital change, we can make certain that WACKER is up to speed – and staying ahead of the competition."
Patrick, Germany
„Getting new impulses, thinking out of the box and connecting with others – a good way to start something new.”
Lukas, Germany
"Don’t be shy – digitalization will change our mindset and will finally bring us closer to our customers."
Martina, Germany
"Life’s greatest discoveries and achievements come when you jump outside of your comfort zone."
Megan, USA
"Silicon is the fundamental element for digital technology, let’s explore together how this chemistry could change our lives even further via digitalization."
George, China
"For me, the Silicon Valley Challenge is an unique opportunity to get digital knowledge & inspiration, connect & implement it – and reach the ‘digital’ summit with WACKER."
Juliane, Germany
"I greatly appreciate the opportunity of working with digital business models within the Silicon Valley Challenge to create value for our colleagues, customers and other partners."
Johan, Sweden
"I believe in the power of digitalization for new business models, and I am committed to contribute with my ideas and expertise to the success of the Silicon Valley Challenge."
Gustavo, Brazil
"Digitalization is going to fundamentally change how we do business, but the first change we need to make is in our minds – be curious, keep learning, make it happen."
Johanna, Germany
"This quote is not my invention, but actually from English biologist Thomas H. Huxley – yet, it expresses exactly what I expect from the Silicon Valley Challenge."
Cambridge, China

Practical experience:
what we're working on at WACKER Digital.

Digitalization brings about many new issues that will change business processes and improve our working world. Find here some examples of current projects we are working on:

Sales Enablement
We make it easier for our sales managers to work together with both our customers and with internal interfaces. For example, by modernizing hardware and software and advising customers using video conferences, internal apps or a new customer relationship management system.

Predictive Maintenance
We develop data-based solutions that can help to reduce production disruptions. On the basis of the data collected, repair measures can be taken or operating conditions can be altered at an early stage to stabilize and optimize our production processes.

Advanced Process Control
We increase the effectiveness of our production facilities through model-based forecasting and process control systems. This enables us to maximize capacity utilization and minimize specific energy and raw material consumption.

Mobile Solutions in Engineering & Operations
We facilitate work processes in industrial plants by making relevant information available in real time on mobile devices (e.g. tablets). This streamlines documentation and reporting while improving plant availability and compliance.