24. February 2019

Wrap-up first week

by Katharina

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” said once John Dewey, American philosopher, atheist and educational reformer. Throughout the weekend our participants had time to reflect on their first week – or as we call it in the program: on their first sprint.



So many things have happened only in the opening days: Travelling abroad, settling in the apartments, building teams, soaking up inspirations from Silicon Valley, understanding latest technologies like AI or 3D. And most of all: working on first ideas. One participant confessed me: “I was actually a little surprised that we started right away.” Well, we are not here for sightseeing  – we are here to explore new opportunities and to shape them to become successful business models.

While I am sitting down here Sunday evening to share this with you, the teams are still working in their co-working office spaces downtown. They are driven by creating something awesome, something great to return some of the extraordinary experience they are exposed to.

The Oscar Academy Awards are on here in the background. One of the winners just said: “If you wanna go far, go together.” So, let’s hope our teams go far together and outstanding ideas will spark along their journey here in Silicon Valley.