3. March 2019

A cultural experience

by Katharina

The spirit of Silicon Valley is driven by visions which can’t be big enough, acceleration and the constant desire for improvement. Also, Salesforce is based on these principles. Their founder, Marc Benioff, worked for two tech giants in the valley, Apple and Oracle, before founding his own company which pioneered cloud computing. He had a big vision, he was convinced about the technology which could advance and speed up a certain application. Today, “Salesforce” is the number one tool worldwide when it comes to systematically supporting business processes around customers. But the success of the San Francisco headquartered company is not based on technology only – it is based on its unique culture: transparency, diversity, customer-centricity and most of all highly motivated employees. It is not for no reason that you become the world’s best workplace two years in a row.

The result of our visit to Salesforce last week? 19 completely overwhelmed SVC participants. We were blown away by the professionality, hospitality and openness of the different experts we met throughout our tour.

Here in the valley, we are confronted and experience so many different cultures every single moment. The team members share apartments with colleagues from different nations around the globe. Stepping out of the door they immerse into a diverse and colorful live around them. In workshops they learn how to apply creative design thinking techniques – kind the opposite of stage-gate driven linear processes. The co-working spaces make them easily connect with other entrepreneurs and their mindset.

I really wonder how all these different learnings and cultural influences will impact our culture at WACKER. After all, the Silicon Valley Challenge is not only about designing new business models. It is also about transformation, about experiencing and embracing other cultures and opinions, about the general mindset of the valley.

Yet, never mind what our participants will bring back to their teams after four weeks, in the end, we are sure their experiences here will be a unique, valuable and inspiring add-on for WACKER.