10. March 2019

Can you be Creative on Demand?

by Katharina

Often “creativity” is associated only in the context of art. Wikipedia puts that into a larger context: “Creativity is the ability of a person or group to make something new and useful or valuable, or the process of making something new and useful or valuable. It happens in all areas of life – science, art, literature and music.” To me this reads like the description of the Silicon Valley Challenge. Our team members were selected upon the creativity shown through their applications – so they have this ability. Next to that, the business model innovation process is based on inventiveness, open-mindedness and curiosity to conceptualize novel and intelligent solutions. And of course, chemistry is creative, too!

The creative ability and process is immensely supported by the inspiring setting here in the valley. There are so many stimuli one can only take advantage from: latest tech trends from the bay area, a rich offering of classical European music and art; odors and spices in the streets swapping over the pacific from Asia; graffiti and street art wherever your eyes wander. We were hoping our participants would absorb all these impressions to further feed their imagination.


Having a look at the concepts we have seen so far, I am confident we have chosen not only the best participants, but also the right setting. Thinking out of the box is sometimes easier, when being away from your daily routine and being able to immerse into new surroundings.

Though we all know, that creativity can’t be switched on like a light bulb. Next to inspirations it takes – as in our case – breaks away from the bustling city, the humming sound of the cable cars and the flickering light of the office. I personally need the green of nature, fresh air blowing through my mind and constant movement. Then, back in the office on Monday morning creativity can rule again! And I am pretty sure as the last full week is dawning, the creativity of the SVC participants can be turned on light a bulb as this is still a challenge single teams want to win.