28. February 2019

Creative Collaboration in Co-Working Spaces

by Nadine

In the last days, our three teams have used extensively their co-working spaces. The equipment is kind of basic: tables, chairs, light. Only real high-tech equipment is a webex teams board, which combines video-conferencing with a white-board for scribbling ideas. Over the days you can observe the growth of post-its along the glass-walls – beautifully coloring the room and reflecting the development of their ideas.

Let’s have a closer look at the concept of co-working spaces. Generally, this is a shared, communal workspace used by professionals, business ventures or startups as an alternative to traditional leases.

What makes them differ from the typical office is that they feature intelligent office designs and highly functional areas combined with trendy designs. And all this only for a simple reason: this environment fosters creativity and productivity!

However, the main aspect about co-working spaces is not the overall look but the opportunities for collaboration. Most co-working spaces offer a mix of private offices and shared settings, and the latter provide an easy platform to initiate exchange within teams as well as other people using the space. Especially for young businesses, this is a perfect opportunity to meet other start-ups, share ideas and practice outside-the-box thinking. Plus, the concept offers a lot of flexibility which can make you work from anywhere around the globe.

In co-working spaces, you become part of a community. And as our SVC teams act like small start-ups themselves now, this interactive environment is definitely inspiring to boost their creativity and output!