25. February 2019

The Power of Ideas: Our first Ideation Workshop

by Nadine

“Everything begins with an idea.”

This actually sums up pretty well today’s activities at SVC! Generally speaking, we have a clear goal: Looking for new ideas for business models. The problem is, ideation and innovation aren’t that simple. You don’t come up with great new ideas just like that! That’s why the three teams today worked on finding ideas in a dedicated format: an ideation workshop.

An ideation workshop is a far more superior version of the typical brainstorming session, as it involves an organized, methodical process of gathering and evaluating new ideas. This is a powerful tool that can help you unwind your thoughts, think out of the box and find new point of views.

The main misunderstanding is that ideation is merely about creativity – sure, it always helps to be creative, but proper ideation also means that you follow a set of techniques and defined steps in order to bring in new stimuli and channel your creativity.

A crucial aspect of such a workshop is the so-called ‘group think’: you don’t just focus on your own ideas but discuss everything openly, evaluate all suggestions and then build on the ones that actually work. That’s why it helps to have teams as diverse as possible, as this results in the best discussions with the most valuable outcome.

Sounds challenging? Well, it surely is, but that’s why you need professional and inspiring trainers to manage the process of ideation as well as a highly motivated, versatile team with an abundance of new trains of thought. And today’s workshop showed that we have both!

Antoine St. Exupéry said: “A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.” – Let’s see what our teams will turn their piles of rocks into!