20. February 2019

Why we are here

by Katharina

First day of SVC: we all get to know each other. Today’s kick-off session started with a classic introduction round here everyone talked about why they applied, what skills or unique talents they bring to their teams and what they hope to get out of this journey.

The answers I could hear mostly centered around learning new skills, creating an entrepreneurial mindset and taking WACKER to the (digital) summit. Well, this is summarizing pretty well the very reason why we at WACKER DIGITAL decided to run this program!

Plus, it is just great to hear everyone explain how much work they put into their applications, how excited they are to be part of this journey and to see how grateful they are for this opportunity to work on new ideas.

We are a 105-year-old chemical company – which means that a long time ago, we were a start-up. Alexander Wacker was what we call today a serial founder. He tested and verified different business models and always stayed positive about being successful. Throughout our history, we at WACKER constantly adapted to customer and market needs.

It is widely acknowledged that digitalization is changing the way we work and collaborate, it is speeding up processes and transforming organizations. And a main source of all this is what is happening here in Silicon Valley.

Today’s session has confirmed me in it that the participants are eager to inhale the spirit of Silicon Valley and spread this mindset within their teams around the globe. We are here because we want to create the future of WACKER, our future! Therefore, we will be challenging the current status quo and create new ideas to ensure WACKER’s ongoing success.